Under the Monastery Vine

by Elin Pelin

Kalin Angelov
Nikola Nalbantov

The cycle of stories by Elin Pelin, "Under the Monastery Vine," is extremely popular, but it has never before been staged as a complete work. The directorial approach is unconventional, the vision is modern, but the performance carries the spirit of Bulgaria – from the traditions of our people to the beauty of Elin Pelin's words.

"The creation of this performance was a very challenging but sweet, captivating process because the challenges are numerous. To transform the pure, beautiful literature of Elin Pelin into a full-fledged theater, to create vivid, memorable situations and vibrant characters, and at the same time – to preserve the untouched language of Elin Pelin, not to modernize it abruptly, not to edit, to maintain its beauty and picturesque imagery. The stories in the cycle are far from the everyday, they are beautiful parables about faith, hope, and love, vital messages that go far beyond the boundaries of our country. With this cycle of stories, Elin Pelin truly becomes an author of global significance, surpassing the regional and local – a great storyteller."

Kalın Angelov - director


Opening: 20th May 2019

Duration: 120 min.


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