Ognian Spirov


OGNIAN SPIROV е роден на 27 февруари 1953 г. в Русе. През 1977 г.  завършва специалност „Актьорство за драматичен театър“ в НАТФИЗ „Кръстьо Сарафов“ в класа на проф. Анастас Михайлов. 

He worked as an actor at the "Cry and Laughter" Theatre in Sofia, the "Stefan Kirov" Drama Theatre in Sliven, and the "Nevena Kokanova" Drama Theatre in Yambol. 

In 1977, he became a part of the ensemble at the 'Nikola Vaptsarov' Drama Theatre and made his debut on the stage in Blagoevgrad in the role of Vardan in 'Various Songs' by Zorair Halapyan, directed by Alexander Grigoryan.

He is an Associate Professor in theatrical arts, a lecturer, and the head of the acting department at the "Neofit Rilski" South-West University, in Blagoevgrad.


His roles in the theatre include: 

  • Daniel in "When the Thunder Strikes" by Peyo Yavorov, director Margarita Blagieva (1978); 
  • Don Baker in "Butterflies are Free" by Leopold Gersh, director Kostadin Bandutov (1979);
  • Philip in "The Window" by Konstantin Iliev, director Peter Stoychev (1979);
  • Petar, Bulgarian king in "Book of Kings" by Margarit Minkov, director Encho Halachev (1981);
  • Lysander in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare, director Kostadin Bandutov (1981);
  • Petya Trofimov in "The Cherry Orchard" by Anton P. Chekhov, director Stavri Karamfilov (1982);
  • Tihol in "Duel" by Ivan Vazov, director Kostadin Bandutov (1982);
  • Dimiter Mechev in "The Thessaloniki Assassins" by Georgi Danailov, director Kiril Kamenov (1984);
  • Tiresias in "Antigone" by Sophocles, director Stavri Karamfilov (1988);
  • The Prosecutor in "The Last Judgement" by Stefan Tsanev, director Vladlen Alexandrov (1989);
  • Zilov in "Hunting of Wild Ducks" by Alexander Vampilov, director Dmitri Astrahan (1989);
  • The Man in "Nirvana" by Konstantin Iliev, director Stavri Karamfilov (1989);
  • The Poet in "I Will Feed You with Faith" based on Nikola Vaptsarov's poetry, director Stavri Karamfilov (1989);
  • Young man and Poet in "Reigen" by Arthur Schnitzler, director Vladlen Alexandrov (1991);
  • Dick and Doctor in "Lolita" by Edward Albee based on Vladimir Nabokov's novel, director Encho Halachev (1992);
  • Henry in "The Fireplace" by Margarit Minkov, director Margarit Minkov (1993);
  • Podkalyosin in "The Wedding" by Nikolay V. Gogol, director Encho Halachev (1994);
  • Nayden in "The Masters" by Racho Stoyanov, director Boyko Bogdanov (1995);
  • Jerry in "The Betrayal" by Harold Pinter, director Ivan Urumov (1996);
  • The Pianist in "Beans" by Elin Rahnev, director Nedyalko Delchev (1999);
  • Trofimov in "We are Shooting a Film" by Edward Radzinski, director Petrinel Gochev (2000);
  • The Friend in "Play №27" by Aleksey Slapovski, directors Peter Peykov and Alena Georgieva (2000);
  • Miltenberger in "Bremen Freedom" by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, director Garo Ashikyan (2001);
  • Aleko in "The Happy Man" by Rusi Bozhanov, director Encho Halachev (2002);
  • Hristoforov in "In the Feet of Vitosha Mountain" by Peyo Yavorov, director Asen Shopov (2002);
  • Cleante in "Tartufe" by Moliere, director Asen Shopov (2003);
  • Earnest in "The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde, director Bogdan Petkanin (2003);
  • Helmer in "Nora" by Henrick Ibsen, director Asen Shopov (2004);
  • The Mayor in "The Government Inspector" by Nikolay V. Gogol, director Garo Ashikyan (2005);
  • Chang Li and Joseph in "Chernodrinski Comes Home" by Goran Stephanovski, director Ivan Dobchev (2006);
  • Duke de Restoran in "Human Comedy"" based on "Father Griot" by Onore de Balzac, director Boyko Bogdanov (2007);
  • The Boss in "Little Goodbye Rituals" by Olya Stoyanova, director Yavor Veselinov (2013);
  • Barach in "Princess Turandot" by Call Gozzi, director Margarita Macheva (2018);
  • The Journalist in "Vaptsarov: Songs of Man" by Stayko Murjev, Boian Ivanov and Teya Sugareva (2019);
  • Dodge in "Buried Child" by Sam Shepard, director Nikolay Yordanov (2022);


  • Носител на почетен медал от Министерство на културата на Република България за ролята на цар Петър в „Книга на царете“ от Маргарит Минков (1981 г.);
  • Номинация за награда „Дионисий“ в категория „Главна мъжка роля“ за Подкальосин в „Женитба“ от Н. В. Гогол, реж. Енчо Халачев (1994 г.);
  • Награда за мъжка роля от фестивал на камерните форми във Враца за ролята на Артаки в „Чудо“ от Иван Радоев (1998 г.);
  • Номинация за голямата награда „Ристо Шишков“ от Международния театрален фестивал в гр. Струмица, Северна Македония за ролята на Градоначалника в „Ревизор“ от Н. В. Гогол, реж. Гаро Ашикян (2005 г.) и др.


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