by John Patrick Shanley

Denitza Dimitrova
Stayko Murdjev
Photo for the poster
Dilyana Florentin
Ivan Donchev

Criminal psychological thriller in which the viewer is not just an audience but simultaneously a witness and investigator. A story that drags you like a dead current and takes you to the center of a world built on strict rules, moral norms, and order, all of which will be shattered to pieces to reveal the cruel yet charming face of sin. 'Doubt' is a modern allegory about the relentless elusiveness of truth, the shifting sands of reality – everything is possible, everyone is both a criminal and a saint, love turns into sin, thoughts into corruption, truth is just a facade for lies, and lies are the only wooden raft on which you can survive in the turbulent sea of doubts and uncertainties.

Kalin Vrachanski is unrecognizable as the priest, confessing the virtue of compassion. Stanka Kalcheva is monstrous in her passion for the truth and her ruthless readiness to sacrifice in the name of justice and order. Mariana Boneva and Radena Valkanova leave a lasting impression on the viewer with their masterfully crafted complex psychological characters. The music by Peter Dundakov dresses this tense reality in sounds and harmonies reaching us as if from other dimensions.

A theatrical event, once again proving the passion of director Stayko Murdjev for truth in art and perfection in theater, aimed at the high and complex, the beautiful and ephemeral.


  • Nomination for the 2023 IKAR Аward in the category 'Leading Female Role' for Stanka Kalcheva
  • Nomination for the 2023 IKAR Аward in the category 'Supporting Female Role' for Mariana Boneva
  • Award in the 'Direction' category for Stayko Murdjev at the Festival of Small Theater Forms 2023
  • Award in the 'Leading Female Role' category for Stanka Kalcheva at the Festival of Small Theater Forms 2023
  • Selection for the 'Apollonia' Festival 2023



"'Doubt' by director Stayko Murdjev is one of the standout premieres of the season. A deep psychological theater with an approach to building brilliantly motivated characters, so that their opposing characters are brought out through the clash of doubt."

Mihail Tazev - theatre critic ""Homo Ludens" magazine 2022

"A spectacular, yet intimate performance. Doubt, like a breakthrough, swings the characters and the audience from the beginning to the very end. It stitches through the windows like rain, uncertain when it will stop and whether it will water or flood the rose in the garden of the religious school."

Rene Karabash - novelist

"Doubt" is a struggle between the Old Testament upbringing and the more liberal behavior. Both perspectives teeter on the edge of sin and thoroughly examine the stumbling stone of complete free will and the potential of power. "Doubt" is an intimate confession, heard aloud! The strong internal doubts and struggles of the characters are clearly visible, without delving into melodrama or psychologization. The manifestation of doubt is an expression of mistrust and rebellion against established dogmas, which (perhaps!) are born from the truth. For a person, the stay in these mists is always extremely difficult."

Stoyan Velkov - actor (North Macedonia)


Opening: 4th June 2022

Duration: 85 min.


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