The Importance of Being Earnest

by Oscar Wilde

Krasimira Todorova
Anton Ugrinov
Vanina Tsandeva

The plot of one of Oscar Wilde's wittiest and most interesting plays, 'The Importance of Being Earnest,' is based on three love stories.

This elegant dramatic text is, in fact, a humorous and ironic commentary on society and its models of living. 'The Importance of Being Earnest' could also be translated as 'The Importance of Being Honest, Sincere,' as the word 'earnest' has a dual meaning.

This is precisely the main theme that engaged us during rehearsals—the ability of a person to empathize with the truth, or rather, the lack of this ability. The consequences resulting from the actions of the characters, who adhere to the principle that lying is always preferable to the truth, lead them into interesting and paradoxical plots, making this play a true exploration of human nature.

There is nothing more certain than the fact that we all, more or less, avoid being honest with others and often with ourselves. As then, so today, we live in a society where everyone tries to present themselves not as they are but as they would like to be in the eyes of others, or as Oscar Wilde says, "Ultimately, everyone turns out to be someone else."

Anton Ugrinov - director


  • Nomination for the "Golden Kukerikon" Award 2022 in the 'Best Performance' category
  • Nomination for the "Golden Kukerikon" Award 2022 in the 'Best Director' category for Anton Ugrinov
  • Selection for the "I love you, Theatre" Festival 2021 in Haskovo


Opening: 2nd April 2021

Duration: 110 min.


The performance was realized with the support of the Municipality of Blagoevgrad and the 'Logodaj' Winery and Vineyards.


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