"The Picture of Dorian Gray" back on stage

The most-watched play during last seasons at the 'Nikola Vaptsarov' Drama Theatre in Blagoevgrad returns to the stage after a long pause. The last performance, nominated for four IKAR and ASKEER awards, was staged in 2022.

'The Picture of Dorian Gray' is a performance about the cult of youth and beauty, about narcissism as a disease of the soul, about the thin line between art and life, about hedonism as a way of existence, and about what happens to the soul hidden behind external perfection.

'The Picture of Dorian Gray' is based on the novel by Oscar Wilde, adapted for stage by John O'Connor and Merlin Holland, translated by Denitsa Dimitrova.

Director is Stayko Murgjev, the setting design is the work of Teodor Kiryakov, Stayko Murdjev, Petya Boyukova, and Vladislav Iliev. Costumes are designed by Petya Boyukova, and the music is by Peter Dundakov. Choreography - Stanislav Genadiev, video design - Vladislav Iliev, dramaturg and assistant director - Irena Ivanova.

The play features: Sevar Ivanov, Kalin Vrachanski, Teodor Nenov, Katya Ivanova, Gergana Tsakova, Pepa Maneva, Kyncho Kynchev, Albena Chobanova, Andrash Konchalyev, Boris Varbanov, Gringo-Bogdan Grigorov, Aladin Aliibrahim, Dimitar Stoinov, Yordan Varbanov.


The first performance will be this autumn on the main stage at the 'Nikola Vaptsarov' Drama Theatre.

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May 24, 2024

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